The founder Nattukkottai Dr. IR Jeyakarthikeyan said about the hotel specialties: In those days people lived for a long time, the main reason is because of their food habits. Taking or eating clean and healthy foods provides a long life. Nowadays 80% of the people are suffering from lot of diseases as they are not following proper food habits. We are one of the best veg restaurants in Rameshwaram featuring fresh flavors curated by our expert chefs. Visit our restaurant to enjoy vast flavors of food. Then his contemplated what to do for this, so he decided to provide healthy and hygienic food without food adulteration and started the Nattukkottai Chettinadu Mess. My parents I. Rajendran and Mrs. Saraswathi Natchiyar, Nattukkottai Dr. IR Jeyakarthikeyan , my wife Mrs. Praveena Natchiyar, my son Mr. Kavin Haswanth, my Daughter J. Reshmika Nattukkottai. Director Mr. IR. Satheeshkumar, my wife S. Santhanamari and my daughter S. Desmika.

Mrs. M. Manimegalai and Mrs. M. Sasireka have encouraged me in my business. The sincere work and confident mind surely leads to move towards success path. Within six months after beginning of the hotel each and everyone knows our mess because of the tasty food.

Sapida Ini Ellam Inka than...

Especially Tamil people (tamilians) from London, Malaysia, Singapore who came here for tourism will ask my phone number and email address to order the food with the help of the tourist agent. According to their wish we will give healthy and hygienic food to them. We treat our customer with hospitality. We don’t use recycled oils i.e., the oil which is used for cooking is not used again; the masala items are prepared as in ancient period which is grinded with help of hand and provide only mineral water.

The sea foods are prepared using Barracuda, Pomfret fish, nettili fish, squid, and crab. The mutton varities are chettinad mutton chukka, chettinad mutton brain fry, brain omelet, mutton chops, chettinad head curry and 25 varieties of chicken items. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we prepare different varieties of items country chicken with ghee rice, chettinad murthapa for dinner, tanturi chicken, grilled chicken, kari dhosai and chinese rice.

We provide excellent catering service for the different requirements of the customers. We offer the best and quality food with a unique style to fulfill your various requirements with convenience and speed. We fulfill the catering needs of the corporate segment for all corporate events, parties, meetings, house warming functions, babies naming function, birthday parties, college functions, business meetings etc.